Factors Causing Asthma

In most of the cases the major reason behind Asthma is unknown. Still here are given a number of facts responsible to cause Asthma which has been found as a profound reason of Asthma in many patients. Through researches it has been found that some of the people develop Asthma while others do not. The proper reasons for this fact are unknown.

Some of the people even come in this world it means born with possibility of getting Asthma while others do not. It is known through inspecting the characteristics of new born babies to adapt the Asthma. The exact gene which causes Asthma are also being tried to find out by the scientists.

The attack of Asthma is also dependent on the factors like the environment you live in and the way you live. The attack of Asthma in most of the cases is a reaction of or other kind of triggers. This is more similar to the reactions in case of allergy. The Asthma is also sometime termed as the reactive airway reaction because of the fact that it is just a type of the Allergic reactions. The triggers causing the Asthma reactions are usually unique in each person.

Common factors that can trigger Asthma attack are

• Wood smoke or tobacco
• Polluted air breathing
• Inhaling the cleaning products or perfumes or some other respiratory irritants
• Upper respiratory infection
• Physical exercise of exertion
• Menstruation
• Stomach reflex

Pathophysiology of Asthma

The pathophysiology of Asthma is a type of stoppage to the path ways of lungs. This can be due to many reasons. The very first reason is the mucus and the mucus glans extraction. Sometime the problem is associated to the present of obstruction in the walls of the pipe carrying air to lungs. This obstruction might be due to the factors like inflammation or due to presence of some of the unwanted layer of objects.

The relief and the control agents are mainly used to cure the Asthma. The agents that can be inhaled are mainly preferred by the doctors so that patients can take this way of medication easily.

The allergens of the pathophysiology of Asthma are induced in nature only. The mold spores, grass pollen, cockroach, house dust particles and some of the most common pests found in the house are the major reasons for this sort of Asthma. Penicillin, beta blockers and the aspirin are the mostly preferred medication given to the patients to cure them from pathophysiology of Asthma by most of the doctors.