What is Mental Health?

Mental health means an individual’s way of living life his own way by adjusting and creating a balance between the many activities happening in his or her life.  Your social and psychological approach towards life all comes under mental health. When we talk about mental health disorder it means mentally you are not in order. You are unstable and are incapable of facing situations in your life. We see many people having mental disorders and it is a medical condition where the patient finds it difficult to cope up with his daily routine. Though there are different ways to overcome mental health disorders through counseling and psychosocial therapies there is no guarantee that a person will totally recover from a particular mental disorder.

Let us have a look at the most affected mental disorders in this article:

In this disorder patients often have mood swings. In the US most of the people suffer from this disorder.  There are many disorders under mood disorder like Bipolar Disorder, Suicidal tendencies, Major Depressive Disorder etc.

Multiple Personality Disorder( MPD)

In this condition people completely change their behavior and cannot remember the things that had happened before. Like there are multiple personalities inside one person and it keeps on switching. The person is indeed not aware that he has so many personalities within him unless a doctor tries to explain him. Also the behavior off each personality would be different from the other personalities and the patient himself.

In this mental condition people hear voices in their head. Random voices and fear that someone is following them or is trying to kill them.  Different symptoms can be seen in persons having schizophrenia. Patient having this disorder usually hallucinate.

This is majorly a mental problem which affects reading. Patients having this disorder have both reading and writing problems because they see letters in a wrong way.

Obsessive compulsive Disorder (OCD)

These people are very much concerned about cleanliness and cannot stands dirt. They are very much germ cons

People suffering from this disorder indeed find it difficult to live in the society because their behavior is very childish and they are not mature enough to understand things happening around them.

Patients suffering from this have different phobias and get anxious and panic for simple reasons or without any reason.

It is a common form of dementia and is very dangerous. Patients experience mood swings and it majorly affects people above 65 years.

Gender and Identity disorder

Patients act in a very weird manner and do things that they are not supposed to according to their nature and behavior.

Patient with this disorder can stop speaking or meeting people because of a past bad event that have had a bad effect in their life.